Wills and Estates

The passing of a loved one is never easy. The added stress of having to deal with the legalities of an estate can be overwhelming in the circumstances. We are here to help you and to take the pressure off you at this difficult time.


Our services include a range of estate matters and our team has decades of experience to guide you through these challenging times.




Everybody understands that having a Will is important, yet many of us delay making a will because we are time poor, or we do not want to go to a great expense where there are so many other pressures on the household budget. We have resolved these issues by offering a one-visit, economical Will service. Most Wills can be drafted and signed in one attendance and we have affordable fixed fees for this service.


More complex estate planning matters will take more time and preparations so ask us for a quote if you have specific requirements in this regard.


Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)


An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document that appoints someone to make decisions for you in certain circumstances, sometimes referred to as a substituted decision maker, or often called an ‘Attorney’.


It is important to consider making an EPOA. Think about how you might manage if you are involved in an accident or unwell for a period of time. You will likely need someone to help you with matters such as paying your bills and managing your financial affairs. Similarly, if you are travelling overseas you may need someone to temporarily act on your behalf in respect of your finances.


Further, consider what might happen if you loose capacity to make decisions for yourself on a more permanent basis. Perhaps you will need someone to help arrange accommodation in a nursing facility or help make decisions about your day-to-day needs.


An EPOA gives your Attorney the power to do all of these things for you in particular circumstances. You can set limits to the power your Attorney has and you can revoke the power at anytime while you have capacity. Often, married couples appoint each other as their Attorneys. Older clients generally appoint a responsible son or daughter as their Attorney.


Application for Probate or Letters of Administration


Depending on the size and nature of the Estate left by the deceased, a Grant of Probate (with a Will) or Letters of Administration (with or without a Will) may be required.

This involves making an Application to the Supreme Court of Queensland and can be a complicated process for even the most competent Executor. We can help with all aspects of the Application and we offer a fixed fee for this service.


Estate administration


We can help you administer the Estate and our fees are usually payable out of Estate funds. We can deal with banks and building societies, shares and superannuation companies. Selling and transferring property is often a part of the process of administration of an Estate. We offer a comprehensive service and will calculate final entitlements when the Estate is ready to be distributed.  Fees are charged according to the amount of work to be conducted and the complexity of the Estate.



Family Provision Applications


Do you feel that someone close to you has not adequately provided for you in their Will? Do you think you may be entitled to more from the Estate? In Queensland you can make an application to the court to have your entitlement under the Will adjusted so that you receive a greater share of the Estate. Sometimes this is referred to as ‘contesting a Will’.


We can assist you to bring an application for adequate provision from the Estate. Strict time limits apply so contact us today if you feel you have been left out. We will provide you with initial advice on your standing to make and application, prospects of success and what you can expect to receive if you proceed with the application.