Wills and Estates

Wills are prepared from $220.

Probate and Letters of Administration.

Testators Family Maintenance Application (advice with respect to wills and your rights as a family member, and whether you have a claim to challenge a will).



  1. This firm handles all matters relating to the administration of Wills on behalf of executors and family members.
  2. It is generally the case that many estates can be finalised fairly promptly depending upon the assets involved and taking into account the beneficiaries’ entitlements and those that may otherwise claim an interest that may be omitted from a Will.
  3. In many instances Probate of a Will may not be necessary, depending upon the requirements of any financial institution and the amount of funds held.
  4. In the event that Probate is required, we complete all the necessary legal documentation to facilitate the process promptly.
  5. This firm assists people in guiding them through the complexities involved in all these matters and we keep you informed as things proceed to finalisation.
  6. Some matters simply require a transfer of property to the surviving spouse or partner and can be done quite simply.



  1. This firm drafts and completes Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney generally during the client’s initial consultation.
  2. The client provides information as to the executor, beneficiaries and any other specific bequests or inclusions in their Will and a draft is provided. Generally clients are happy to execute their Will at that time and we hold the Will in our safe custody, free of charge.
  3. On many occasions clients require advice to clarify specific issues or problems they may have in regard to bequests and specific gifts and we guide them towards a decision. Our extensive knowledge in this area ensures the client’s decision-making process is simplified.



In some cases children or spouses/partners/de facto spouses are left out of Wills entirely or inadequate provision is made.

  1. This firm has the expertise to negotiate and claim on behalf of clients in these circumstances.
  2. During the initial consultation we obtain information and documentation provided by clients that assists in giving advice as to their claim.
  3. In the event that parties are unable to agree as to a fair distribution in these circumstances, mediation is an excellent means to clarify issues and in most cases settle the claim.

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